My sneaky tips for saving macros

I quietly regard myself as the queen of macros. I can’t make all the delicious foods fit everyday but I can make one or two fit most of the time. Because I have skills but mostly because I plan ahead. If you want to eat a big meal later in the day, you’re struggling with satiety or you simply want something delicious to fit your macros at the expense of the rest of the day, I’ve got some suggestions for you…


  •  I love coffee. Sometimes much to my despair, I can’t fit a cappuccino in my macros. I’ve made good friends with my barista (her name is Tina she’s the best) so I ask her to make me a long black, froth the milk and put chocolate on top so it tastes similar to a cappuccino with half the milk. I’m pretty sure Tina sees me coming and murmurs “not this picky bitch again” but it’s worth it.


  • Cauliflower rice. Filling, amazing and the best. Blend cauliflower to a rice consistency in a food processor then cook in a hot pan with a little oil, turmeric, cumin, paprika and salt.


  •  I stole this one from a friend but I’m claiming it as my own. Mix 24g of choc PB2 with 15g of Nutella and it tastes like it’s just Nutella, with half the calories.


  • Mix stewed apple with all bran, yoghurt, cinnamon and sugar free syrup for something that tastes like apple pie. It’s good for those times when you’re close to tears because you just want dessert and cakes so badly and life is so unfair.


  • Ask for your takeaway Grill’d burger with no mayo and put on your own low fat Mayo or extra avocado at home.


  • Take advantage of calorie free (kind of) drinks. BCAAs. Tea is also good. There’s a Chai tea you can get from Woollies that is infused with vanilla. Buy 30 boxes and keep them in all the places you frequent. People will be like “why is all this tea here in the corner of the office?” and you’ll be like “I leave it there so I don’t say rude things to my colleagues”.


  • Really hungry? Two words. Huge salads. As big as your head. You’re going to need to buy a bigger bowl. Do you know how many calories are in a whole head of lettuce? 15. I’m serious. Go buy all the lettuce at your nearby supermarket, douse it in balsamic, add some other things and just eat all the salad. Because you do make friends with salad. The Simpsons were wrong.

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