My name is Rebecca Chambers. I eat every single food, train the house down and win every day. I once thrived off restriction. I am now enlightened by balance and a better relationship with food (and myself). I like to write about my fitness adventures and share some of the better things I have learnt on the way.

Do you need help with kick-ass content, witty words or telling a story that you just can’t do justice? I am a (quick and awesome) copywriter that can write the things the people love and the stuff that the Google gods look kindly upon. If you need a ghostwriter, blog helper, content creator or excellent editor then please send me an email– rlchambers@live.com.au

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  1. Crystal Hanley · March 4, 2015

    Looking forward to following your posts!


  2. Lauren Flynn · March 31, 2015

    Just want to let you know how much you have helped and inspired me to train harder and essentially eat smarter. I have gone from a very low carb diet program, feeling like I had no energy, not being able to lift heavy if at all and guilty about any food I ate, to now being able to enjoy my work outs, lift heavier and reintroduce carbs and fats into my life! Thank you so much for your motivational posts and for sharing your thoughts and knowledge, I no longer feel trapped.


    • rlchambers88 · March 31, 2015

      Thank you Lauren. That is excellent. I’m so glad you’re feeling happy and I appreciate your kind words so much.


  3. elmacandad · May 2, 2015

    New follower on instagram. Fellow gym goer. Instant admirer.

    For what it’s worth, your hashtag “get stronger than a dude” has shaken my self confidence (in the best way possible. Sincerely.) Your deadlift and squat are right on par with my own 1RM and you’ve got to be 15 to 20kg lighter than me. I’m impressed beyond words and you’ve got me seriously looking at my own program to make improvements. Well done. I does doff my sweaty gym towel in respect. Thanks for the kick in the butt I needed #bossNotBossy


  4. Shaun dunstan · May 4, 2015

    A great read bec very informative. I love following you’re fitness journey. you are a machine 💪🏽 and an inspiration to all. Keep up the awesome gains and project getstrongerthenadude. Happy gains 🙂


  5. Jamie · May 26, 2015

    I am the only female to train in the morning at my gym and am constantly surrounded by men who think I should over on the cardio machines! I love your instagram page and my favourite line was when you were listing reasons to lift – “I’m coming for you” hahaha! I now think that over and over in my head when I’m doing my sets! I am so happy I found your blog and page!! best inspiration I have found yet! Thank you!!


  6. Danielle Halsall · June 8, 2015

    do you have any info on your coaching details? i follow a girl on insta in my hometown who is your client and she looks amazing!


  7. Siobhan · July 29, 2015

    Iv a massive personality crush on you! When I feel like shite I stalk your IG and think yup that’s who I wanna be and I’m buzzing for the rest of the day.
    Thanks a THOUSAND!!!


  8. Kim · December 4, 2015

    First of all you look fantastic! I’m really impressed!
    I follow you on Instagram and I would like to ask you a few questions via email. Would that be possible ?


  9. Stephanie · July 3, 2016

    I was wondering if you did online coaching at all?


  10. Leontia Jopson · January 23, 2017

    Just wanted to say a huge Thank you! My personal trainer told me to look you up on Instagram for inspiration and you definitely have! When I firather started going to PT I hated the thought of lifting & squatting! Now Deadlift are my favourite thing to do! Bar squat is a close 2nd place! Do you have any tips about techniques on Deadlift? I seem to have to come to a stop with the amount I can lift!

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